joan walker

Years of Experience: 25
Position: Special Advisor

As Special Advisor, Joan brings more than 25 years of experience in major corporations, leading world-class communications and marketing functions, building reputation leadership and brand strength to drive corporate performance. She combines research, marketing and strategic communications expertise and insights to support companies and their leadership teams through times of change, including M&A transactions, CEO transitions and corporate crisis. Most recently, Joan served as EVP Corporate Relations and Interim CMO for The Allstate Corporation. There she developed and led the company's Reputation Leader- ship Strategy and Consumer-Focused Reinvention — initiatives that transformed the company into four distinct customer segments, each with a unique value proposition that achieved successful market outcomes. Prior to Allstate, Joan served as EVP at both Monsanto and Qwest Communications, where she helped her former Ameritech CEO lead the firm through a time of acute crisis. In addition to CEO roles in Public Relations and Advertising, she has served on the board of many civic and cultural institutions, including the National Women's History Museum, Chicago Public Television, Rutgers University, Northwestern Medill School of Journalism, American Advertising Federation and The Ad Council.

Loren-Christopher Schneid

Years of Experience: 15
Position: Co-Founder & President

Loren co-founded Reputation Economy Advisors to serve the strategic needs of large, multi-stakeholder organizations struggling to make commercial sense of today's new marketplace reality — the integration complexity of today's Reputation Economy. His passion for answering the fundamental business question: Reputation to What End?, alongside the ubiquitous convergence of strategy consulting and technology, lead the need to leverage his relationships

and go-to-market experience at scale. In 2014, online

reputation management pioneer (and current strategic partner) Reputation.com approached Loren, alongside his longtime business partner, to lea​d Enterprise Partnerships and Strategy. Previously, Loren spent the last 6 years leading the North American business at Reputation Institute, as the firm's first commercial executive responsible for sales, marketing, and strategic initiatives. Prior to his tenure at Reputation Institute, Loren served in various business- building capacities, both at frog (Steve Jobs' first design agency-of-record) and The Corporate Executive Board, where he lead the global growth and development of the firm's professional services division (the original Challenger™ Sale vertical). He is a proud native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti and alumnus of The Community School of Naples.


Years of Experience: 20
Position: Co-Founder & CEO

Anthony co-founded Reputation Economy Advisors to bring together business consulting and technology solutions for senior executives charged with managing the external complexity and internal integration needs of today's Reputation Economy. He saw the need to bring these disciplines together coming — as did his current strategic partner (and online reputation pioneer), Reputation.com, who hired him to lead their Enterprise Strategy. He spent the previous 8 years leading the development of the world's first Reputation-based management consultancy, Reputation Institute, focused on enabling leaders to make business decisions that build and protect reputation capital and drive competitive advantage. Before that, Anthony was recruited to found The Coca-Cola Think Tank, and in that role, he conducted the first-ever assessment of the company's corporate reputation — a topic he has been obsessed with ever since. His thoughts on reputation and its link to business can be found on the Forbes CMO Network, Bloomberg TV, The Economist, American Banker, Quartz and The Wall Street Journal. He also speaks at industry events regularly and is a guest lecturer at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Anthony is an active member of both the P&G and Harvard Alumni Associations.


We believe reputation management has the potential to fundamentally disrupt Your competitive landscape. we help organizations build the capability to stay one step ahead.

Reputation: a serious business for serious people

Managing the complexity of today's interconnected, digital world requires a lot — too much for a CEO and their team to do without help. As potential customers, employees, investors, and key influencers increasingly consider who you are and what you stand for before making decisions to engage with you, the risk of an inconsistent “corporate voice” has become too big to ignore. We built Reputation Economy Advisors to support organizations on a path towards Reputation Management as competitive advantage.

Our experience and exposure to the biggest, most complex organizations on earth during the evolution of the Reputation Economy puts us in a unique position to help you do just that — first and foremost as advisors to leaders who seek seasoned, outside-in perspective. Additionally, we serve as technology matchmakers who understand and can guide your customer integration and analytics needs for enterprise-wide alignment.


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